May 19, 2012

25. The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order - Master Musicians of Bukkake [2004]

Abandon the quotidian all ye who enter the wang: a gallimaufry of chant, caterwaul, instruments plucked, objects struck and assorted bukkacophony. There is method in ribald moniker madness, for herein prowls a winning amalgam of magickal Riff Mountain Jajouka riffing and esoteric Far Eastern ritual malarkey. Screeching, outlandish percussion, keening females acting up in a series of mostly short impenetrable psychodramas. Tenjo Sajiki / J. A. Caesar troupe on collective bad trip.

Two longer black psych standouts: Access of Evil - massed drums n call n response summoning the spirit of who knows what – and Circular and Made of Earth – bringing eastern drone closure, Karakoram blues guitar and Mongolian throat-signing against a soothing backwash of waves.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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Bonus eye-glazed Totem 3:

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Thanx for this, looked a long time to find it.
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