February 14, 2011

Dirty North Walians / Gogleddwyr Budur - Mr Huw [2010]

Mordantly whacky sunshine guitar pop to slit your wrists by. Check titles: Departure Track; Desperate and Bored; Mid-Album Crisis. Check lyrics on ultimate loser anthem Everything We Do:
The devil's got me by the hand, to guide me home and watch me die.
The cravings that we tend to feel, I think that most of mine are real.
It's all the hate that gets us through.
We'll celebrate just when we lose.
I don't know why but when we choose,
We'll fuck up everything we do.

Played with pumped up panache it is, unbelievably, enormous fun.  Wounded Lion with undumb words. Mr Huw is without doubt within a hair's breadth of genius and must be heard.

Whole album available as free download at  Mr Huw's place.

Buy Welsh music at Sadwrn.

Oddi wrth y brawd
diolch, Mr Huw

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