February 09, 2011

HMS Donovan - Donovan [1971]

February marks Donovan's Life Time Achievement award from the BBC Radio 2 Folk folks. A little too little, a lot too late but no doubt graciously received.  By way of low key celebration Y Brawd presents Don's last huzzah to 60s folk nursery whimsy. Deeply unfashionable even in 1971, H.M.S. Donovan sold poorly and failed to chart. Epic Records refused to release the album in the US; in the UK, Pye only put the album out on subsidiary label Dawn. Churls one and all.

Following For Little Ones portion of A Gift From a Flower to a Garden, this is DL's second collection of child song: here, music for poems mostly written by others. Many rhymes appear in One Hundred Poems for Children compiled by Herbert Strang, others, courtesy of Lewis Carroll.

Captivating, charming, melodious and, like all Don's best work, gauche and defiantly naive. Pure magic.

Oddi wrth y brawd
DL 1
DL 2

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