February 11, 2011

Halcyon Days - Dr Strangely Strange [2007]


Unfairly and too often written off as pale imitators of Incredible String Band, the good Irish Doctors deserve attention for high water period studio albums Kip of the Serenes [1969] and Heavy Petting [1970]. Heady times from which Halcyon Days outtakes are culled. No rough cuts; instead, prime additions to DrSS canon;  produced by Joe Boyd, surely recommendation enough. Happily, three new tracks (ominously recorded in 2006) stand up well. The only piece of addled whimsy too far is the disastrously unfunny HMS Avenger - at least to Y Brawd's ears.

Oddi wrth y brawd
on a mountain range


Pagan Dad said...

Always had a soft spot for the Stangelys. Sign on my Mind from the Heavy Petting record is a real treat. And, topically, didn't Gary Moore play on that song?

Y Brawd said...

Yup. Phil Lynott connection too via Orphange.

Ovipositor said...

Thanks for this! It's been on heavy rotation here in my studio.