February 21, 2011

Lambent Flame - The Black Sun Ensemble [1989]

The Black Sun Ensemble: miraged somewhere post Kashmir Led Zep, ante current crop 21st century sun-baked cosmic desert  psych post-rock (Alps, Headdress et al.). Quiver and tremble to ghost dance raga onslaught of guitarist Jesus Acedo. Following inexorable buckling to drugs, acclaim and mental illness, Jesus has recently re-emerged from fried Arizona of the mind. Sample what sent him spinning out there in the first place. Essential.

Oddi wrth y brawd


sunday said...

Thank you for BSA.I was wandering if anyone hear for this band :).
So,you can post him in FLAC.

Y Brawd said...

Thanks for following Sunday.

Don't have in FLAC. Anyone else?

mario said...

hi! thanks for this great album. i'd like to listen to bse's hymn of the masteR? can you upload it in any way?

Y Brawd said...

Not got it. Can anyone out there supply a link?

mario said...

probably you've noticed it, but i discovered now that the album can be heard (poor quality but it's a first listen) and purchased here:
together with other rarities from the Ensemble

Y Brawd said...

Didn't know. Will check it out. Cheers.