March 09, 2011

Blood - This Mortal Coil [1991]

Darkling ethereal chamber pop brainchild of 4AD kingpin Ivo Watts-Russell. Third and final installment in TMC's modus operandi allowing artists creative freedom on material outside realm of the expected. Gorgeously innovative covers versions a particular speciality. Reimaginings herein include: Gene Clark, Syd Barrett, Chris Bell [Big Star], Spirit, Rain Parade, Emmylou Harris, and The Apartments.

Discerning only need apply.

Oddi wrth y brawd
(nothing but) blood


crippledfonzzz said...

Thanks for this, not heard it since it came out. my ears love a bit of Liz Fraiser.

Y Brawd said...

yer most welcome.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful project from 4AD. I haven't heard this one. Thanks much!