March 26, 2011

Magic Days - Gkfoes Vjgoaf [2009]

From the patently unpronouncable, the charmingly eclectic Magic Days.
01 Lo-Fi Flaming Lips channelling The Seekers' Hey There Georgy Girl
02 Horsey sleigh bell ride
03 Wonky Akihabara electro folk
04 King Tubby meets The Ventures for surf-dub beach BBQ
05 Cabinessence windchime thingy
06 Squelchy radio dial acoustic
07 Off with the woodland faeries
08 Gorky Yule tide
09 Brothers Reid De Nudes
10 What does this button do? Ah, underwater banjo
11 Peyote prairie cookout

Oddi wrth y brawd
Swinging down the street so fancy free


Anonymous said...

hilarious description to something mostly serious. i like it

Y Brawd said...

Y brawd too. Good comment. Don't let jokey review detract from music of worth and value found herein.

* * e d o * * said...

all of the posts by this guy have been thoroughly enjoyable! thanks much for turning me on to it, i had never heard of him before. any ideas as to the pronunciation of his name??

Y Brawd said...

approximately: go figah

Danilo Alves said...

Link is not working.