March 06, 2011

"Born Bad" - Wooden Wand [2009]

Faded fucked up outlaw bar-room gathering - Bukowski, Nelson, Kristofferson, Van Zandt & Brother Earle - swapping scuzzy Americana tales from jail, flop and doghouse. Booze, broken-hearts, bad behaviour and drugsdrugsdrugs...

Not a party album then. For all that, winking foul-mouthed gallows humour keeps the ball articulating only to fetch up in gas station toilets doing lines on the baby changing platform or sharing needles with bus boys.

Bad boy, good form. A low life treat.

Oddi wrth y brawd
shaving cold beats shaving dry

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Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Missed this during my Lost Weeks when PC was defunct and attention was elsewhere. I love WW (aka James Jackson Toth aided and abetted by sundry others), and would also recommend 2010's "Death Seat", produced by label boss Michael Gira (of Swans infamy), which is reminiscent of Mark Lanagan's solo stuff, but without the Lee Marvin vocals.