March 05, 2011

Pour Down Like Silver - Richard and Linda Thompson [1975]

Overlooked classic™.

Downbeat, cynical, mesmerising, meditative, heartfelt. Shoots for redemption. Guitars stutter and stagger.

Turn your world around.

Oddi wrth y brawd
turn turn turn


WOO DOPS said...

wonderful guitarist, one of my favourite players! That vibrato kills...Lovely song! Cheers.Got to find me a copy of Henry the human fly as well, Thats a cracker an' all.

Y Brawd said...

It surely is. Try

WOO DOPS said...

much obliged! Listening to Pour Down Like Silver, very nice indeed...Saw him once years ago, solo acoustic gig...the man can play!

Jerry Orbach said...

One of my all time favorites. Smart move posting this.

uncle mountain said...

Love this album so much!

Anonymous said...

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