March 30, 2011

To Be Still - Alela Diane [2009]

Alela Diane hails from bohemian hamlet Nevada City, northern California, home town also to childhood friend Joanna Newsom. Her voice conjures shades of Sandy Denny. Her expansive musical ambitions are partial to big universal themes within a traditionalist aesthetic - unlike Newsom's idiosyncratic not to say rococo microverse - taking in nature, childhood, family, friends - Denny again.

To Be Still does not exist to fire up parties. Its purpose is to enchant, to beguile with perfect little flaws that make the record almost perfect, almost flawless.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Anonymous said...

The sweet and beautiful music of Haruko has been compared to Alela Diane's :

Spirito bono.

Y Brawd said...

one to check. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, wistful, hummable, thanks for bringing this to our collective attention(s).

Y Brawd said...


meltedrubbersoul said...

Beauty. Thanks.

Out of childish petulance, I will attempt to fire up parties with this.