March 14, 2011

Border Lord - Kris Kristofferson [1972]

Recorded on the road and seemingly off the cuff. Familiar Kristofferson riffs to the fore: freedom, the Devil (and the Lord), boozers, losers, lowlifes and loose women. For the latter, see six of the album's ten cuts - Stagger Mountain Tragedy, Somebody Nobody Knows, Little Girl Lost, Smokey Put the Sweat on Me, When She's Wrong, Josie - suggesting nary a dull moment on tour in the early 70s.

Not one of Kristofferson's strongest sets and no gold-plated classics but second line Kritstofferson 1972 beats most all anyway.  

Foot-loose, frazzled and burnt around the edges. A beardy treat.

Oddi wrth y brawd
How's Jesus look to you now, Bob?

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