August 24, 2011

Earth Covers Earth - Current 93 [1988]

Or the hangman's beautiful Thelema boys and girls. David Michael Tibet leads post-industrialist cast - Rose McDowall [Strawberry Switchblade], Steven Stapleton [NWW], Tony Wakeford [Sol Invictus], Douglas P. [Death In June], John Balance [Coil], Boyd Rice - in acoustically driven meditation on impermanence and immanence.

01 The Dilly Song
02 Hourglass for Diana
03 Earth Covers Earth
04 Rome for Douglas P.
05 Time Tryeth Truth
06 Hourglass for Rosy Abelisk
07 The Dilly Song (alternate version)
08 At the Blue Gates of Death
09 She Is Dead and All Fall Down
10 God Has Three Faces Wood Has No Name
11 The Blue Gates of Death (Before and Beyond Them)
12 The Dreammoves of the Sleeping King: I He Falls Into Fields of Sleep II the Dreamer   Dreams a Dream

Essential addition to C93 canon and Tibet caught in media res defining his apocalyptic vision. Both versions of At the Blue Gates of Death are needful recordings: one a shorter, somewhat paranoid rendition, all grinding backwards bass; the other, a gorgeous ode to life well lived. Enormo slab of incongruous noise constituting bookend track is patented Stapleton - be warned.


Holly said...

I'm trying to reacquaint with C93 after an extended listening hiatus.

Given that that I'm really only familiar with the "Happy Birtday Pigface Christus" era stuff (yeah, I was one of *those* insufferable youths),which of the bewildering large array of newer releases do you most recommend?

My! That was a sentence and a half ;-)

Y Brawd said...

hmmm... 90s try
Of ruine or some blazing starre
All the pretty little horses

00s try
sleep has his house

black ships ate the sky