August 23, 2011

Pass the Distance - Simon Finn [1970]

Little wonder that C93's David Tibet obsessed on this album to the extent of reissuing on Durtro label: gnostic Christianity, proto new age revelation, love found / lost, and sex. All handled with deftness mixed with a manic, sinister edge. Strong meandering melody and conflicted lyrics very much in Bill Fay vein - another notable Tibet lost and found project.

Centre piece track is Jerusalem, all maniacally strummed acoustic guitar, swirling church organ, hand drums and muddy bassline. Sets redemptive and apocalyptic tone. Satan gets a look-in too on Where's Your Master Gone. It's not all unsettling Jesus freakery, mind. We get a number of obliquely gentle love songs too.

All in all, cynical, creepy and a rather beautifully poetic psych folk ornament for our times. 

Oddi wrth y brawd
start rite


Holly said...

This is hitting the spot this afternoon - thank you!

Y Brawd said...

pretty remarkable ain't it? cheers Holly.

lizard johnny jewel said...

namechecking tibet and fay -- well i gotsta have a listen. thx.