August 10, 2011

A Perfumed Garden [Highlights] - Various

Garage psych excess no home should be without. Culled from titular three Volume collection.

For your information:

I See The Light - Uglies
It's What You Give - The Actress 
No Place For Lonely People - Adams Recital 
Which Dreamed It - Boeing Duveen & The Beautiful Soup
For Your Information - The Cedars 
Take Her Any Time - The Longboatmen 
Get Back Home - The Majority One 
Baby I Got News For You - Miller 
Evil Woman - Pete Sully & The Orchard 
Line Of Least Resistance - The Reign 
Hold On - Rupert's People 
Through With You - Serendipity 
 Lust For Life - The Wolves

You're Too Much - Eyes 
Try a Little Sunshine - Factory 
Nine Til Five - French Revolution 
It's Shocking What They Call Me - Game 
Strange Walking Man - Mandrake Paddle Steamer 
The Bird - Nimrod 
Listen To The Sky - Sands 
Reputation - Shy Limbs 
Grounded - The Syn
Vacuum Cleaner - Tintern Abbey
Floatin' - Vamp 
I'm coming Home - Deviants
When The Night Falls - Eyes
Francis - Gary Leeds & Rain
No Home Today - Kult
Mister Number One - Kult
Liar - Fleur De Lys
Reflections Of Charles Brown - Rupert's People
Security - Thane Russal + Three

Oddi wrth y brawd
psych 1
psych 2


jbull49 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these riches and so many others! Marvels abounding each time I open your pages, WB.


Y Brawd said...

shucks n cheers Jbull49. Enjoy!