August 08, 2011

Search & Destroy, Uncut Freebie - Various [2010]

Fresh n' refreshed aprés Lester "Goddam" Bangs' Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung (chilluns, how can it be that y brawd has come so late to this particular reading salon that cover of spanking new edition be tarted up - only semironically mind you - with "star of Almost Famous" come on? Come on! Sure, LB reveled in a name, a cipher for gunslinging hipster rock hackery from times antediluvian and pre sick joke Burchill & Parsons. Tony Parsons, marked for death! But sure, no way do we appreciate that ol' LB is A GREAT AMERICAN WRITER and we dinnae need Rolling Stone Magazine t'tellus so. Not one to willingly undersell an enthusiasm, m'lud Yatesbury of Cope's blurby effusion is rite on't money: "one of life's great gurus". Ever wonder where the Archdrude copped his music prosody mojo? You guessed it. Furthermore, in a double barrelled insult Julian once noted of Ian "Duke" McCulloch that it's not enough to call Bono a twat; you need to know why he's a twat. Relish in your jaded mind's eye if you will the field day LB woulda had with a review of The Joshua Tree if he hadn't overdone the Darvon and checked out in 1982. LB always knows WHY even when he is plain wrong) and having a yen to share the occasion, and in lieu of compiling a killer collection of Count Five, ?+the Mysterians, the Dictators, the Godz n' suchlike creatures you get this. (Get that utter nonsense: 15 EXPLOSIVE TRACKS BY BANDS WHO WERE PUNK BEFORE PUNK.)

Copywritten drivel aside, rock n' roll fire-cracking rockets and y brawd's idea of entertainment.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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hello, i'm johnny clash said...

What a kicking righteous slab o' licorice i gyd yn sicr ddiolch i'n bollocking uniawn lwcus i eich sgiliau medrus o ysbeilio a rwbel. i lawr i'r dde cymdogol i chi hefyd rannu'r ysbail a SWAG gyda fel cyd-deithwyr anian ledled y byd. ben y bore i chwi a glec ar y glust!