August 25, 2011

Jan Švankmajer Collaborations - Zdeněk Liška

Selection of Czech composer Zdeněk Liška's muscial scores for Švankmajer's animated art pieces. Sound, atmosphere and moving image in perfect thematic harmony. Nowhere more so than on Jabberwocky's layered though entirely legible evocation of innocence had and lost. 

01 a game with stones 1965
02 punch and judy 1966
03 et cetera 1966
04 historia naturae 1967
05 byt 1968
06 the ossuary 1970
07 don juan 1970
08 jabberwocky 1971

Oddi wrth y brawd


Anonymous said...

Oh. Yes. You have done the world a service, friend. Will listen to during imminent hurricane and get a little Svanky.

Y Brawd said...

We could all do with getting a little Svanky now and again...

Jonny said...

Hi there. Would you be able to do a re-post of the Svankmajer/Liska collection? Thank you very much.