August 29, 2010

23時の女 - ラブ・イン [23 Hour Woman - Love In] - 伊東きよ子 [Kiyoko Itoh]

Soft, whimsical and subtly erotic. Not the full on orgasmic moaning of Ike Reiko [know your conjuror] but something far more appealing and aurally addictive. Against the occasional back-drop of city-life field recordings Kiyoko hushes into being an impeccable set of melancholic love ballads. From what Y Brawd can work out, lyrics mostly concerned with the lonely lot of a metropolitan female singleton.

Nihon-no-philes will find this worth seeking out if only for the contributions of big-hitters J.A. Seazer [see earlier WB post here] and Kun Kawachi [keyboardist in Happenings Four and mastermind behind Kirikyogen / Kun Kawachi & Friends].

Whatever, this quiet wonder of an album stands on its own two feet…or rather, sits in some bleak Tokyo apartment…or early morning bar in Shinjuku…waiting for love that’s never going to arrive.

[Track titles in comments]

Oddi wrth y brawd
check, mate


Y Brawd said...

01. Goji kara juji made no watashi
02. Poem: "Moshimo ryuusei ga..." Shiroi mori
03. Check Mate
04. Kiken kashira
05. Watashi ga michi o aruku toki
06. Chinmoku
07. Onna no sengen
08. Poem: "Papa oboeteiru?..."
09. Crayon
10. Dekigoto
11. Kyoujo
12. Poem: "Hitoribotchi no kokoro ga..."
13. Itsumo to onaji asa

01. 5時から10時までの私
02. 詩「もしも流星が……」~白い森
03. チェック・メイト
04. 危険かしら
05. 私が街を歩く時
06. 沈黙
07. 女の宣言
08. 詩「パパ憶えている?」
09. クレヨン
10. 出来事
11. 狂女
12. 詩「ひとりぼっちの心が……」
13. いつもと同じ朝

Greg Williamson said...

There oonly seem to be 11 tracks on the album. How does the track list fit in? Are some tracks merged?

Y Brawd said...

Y brawd suspects the 2 poems are merged making 11 from 13. Will need to listen again to make sure.