August 22, 2010

A New Soldier Follows the Path of a New King: The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud

Dark, dark industrial folk. Medievalism. Occult. Ritual. Clerical chants. Martial rhythms. Middle English, Latin. Modern electronics, tape loops, samplers cheek by jowl with shawm, hurdy gurdy, and Hexenscheit.

This Swiss (Austrian?) duo parted ways in 1998. ANSFTPOANK dates from 1995.

The obsessive picking over of Shakespeare’s Henry V is particularly rewarding:

God, and his angels, guard your sacred throne

All tracks untitled. Point of fact, no songs were ever given official titles.

You think Dead Can Dance were gloomy? You need to hear this.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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Anonymous said...

'Amara Tanta Tyri' is brilliant but the link for 'A New Soldier Follows the Path of a New King' is not working...
Could you please re-upload it?
Thanks a lot anyway for all the great music on your blog!
Cheers from France.