August 15, 2010

EPs & Rarities - Julian Cope

Celebrating the recent Kilimanjaro Deluxe Edition box set [go geddit], here freshly decanted from y brawd's cellar -  jus for yous - a selection of vintage Julian. To quote the late John Peel, there certainly are some rum thoughts going on in that lad's head.

Sleeping Gas  - 7" EP A Side 1979
Camera Camera  - 7" EP B Side 1979
Kirby Workers Dream Fades  -  7" EP B Side 1979
Books  -  7" EP B Side 1980
Hey High Class Butcher  -  John Peel BBC Session 1983
Hobby  - John Peel BBC Session 1984
Crazy Farm Animal  - Janice Long BBC Session 1984
Christmas Mourning  - Janice Long BBC Session 1984
Death Mask (Quiz Master)  - Demo for World Shut Your Mouth 1984
I Went On A Chourney  - Sunspots EP 1985
Non Alignment Pact  - World Shut Your Mouth EP 1986
Disaster  - Trampolene EP 1987
Mock Turtle  - Trampolene EP 1987
Warwick The Kingmaker  - Trampolene EP 1987
Unisex Cathedral  - Droolian LP 1990
Jellypop Perky Jean  - Droolian LP 1990
Gentleman Dude  - Droolian LP 1990
Butterfly E  - East Easy Rider EP 1991
You Think It's Love  - John Peel BBC Session 1991
I Have Always Been Here Before  - Fear Loves This Place EP 1992

Oddi wrth y brawd


Welsh Connexion said...

Only yesterday I booked a West Country hotel for my better half and I to finally make a proper visit to Silbury and Avebury - immediately Y Brawd posts a collection by the grooviest neolithic scholar to have ever sported a leopardskin leotard - coincedence or are cosmic forces at work? - unfortunately I passed on an opportunity to score a wittily personalised handscribed pre-publication copy of the 'Modern Antiquarian' from the Arch Drood himself during his book launch and mini-lecture tour - I coveted one but was skint at the time - a shame as even bog standard uninscribed copies are now fetching 3 figure sums on Ebay - a fact that I recently discovered to my chagrin when I tried to bag a copy in time for my pending Wiltshire jaunt - if memory serves the Fear Loves This Place EP generously offered here by Y Brawd originated as a gift supplied even more generously by Yours Truly - t'were the best part of 20 years ago - it were all fields around here then don't you know

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

The (D)rude kid.

Yes I think WC laid a pretty similar gift on me via the wonders of a TDK D90 back in the early 90s which I'd dig out if I still had the means of playing it. Actually have just checked micro system in kitchen and we're on!

The Bard of Bargoed used to be a mustard cutter par excellence as I'm sure this wonderful compilation will reveal. A pity then that the quality of his musical output seems to have diminished so at have become subsumed 'neath the polemic and the increasingly daft personas. 90s pixie hatted twatedness having given way to the nay-zeye like biker camp look of today. Still good live, though.

Y Brawd said...

Hey PV-(Y!)

U Gotta a problem with JC? U Gotta a problem with me. Indeed, latest release not 'arf bad but marred by omnipresent Motorhead roadie psychofantic oppos who'd clearly rather take a pair of scissors to their collective nut-sack than gainsay the wayward muse of the drude. So, quality control,zero; hobby horse ridden till it drops; jam spread far too thinly. And boy, he certainly has got a problem with JC on this one; or rather any monotheistic belief system. The paps come in for a lot of stick. Books somewhat balanced by a fair old go at Islam but he does pull his punches here, thus avoiding Theo Van Gogh proportioned kerfuffle.

Unfortunately he's now crossed the line into grumpy old man-dom a la Rick Wankman. Let's hope he finds another obsession sometime pronto (Tonto).

Y Brawd said...

Hey WC,

I also remember a tale of WC attending an in-store signing with JC sometime in late 80s, and rather than take latest album to be inked a CD single is presented. Eye-brows cock and his drudeness opines that he does this to make a living you know. WC pleads poverty and prioritisation of food on table for young-uns. JC melts: I hear you man. Parsimony shriven.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Black Sheep was OK, a sort of return to form as I recall (I reviewed it for someplace). Finally his Ba-ba-ba, made sense. Otherwise post-major label stuff (some of 20 Mothers and the odd glimmer elsewhere notwithstanding)a bit shitty stick.

D'ye reckon he's going slap as well (hence daft, not to mention attention-drawing, boncewear)?

Y Brawd said...

High probability that cap = slap. Comes to us all. Except WC (who dyes his you know, and until age of 12 was officialy a ginger).

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Re: Dai/Dye the Ginge, I feel I must refrain from commenting in a public forum.

Watch for emails!