August 10, 2010

Smiling Men With bad Reputations - Mike Heron

With a title taken from Timothy Leary's book of Psychedelic Prayers listing "good people to hang out with", Mike Heron spreads his wings with a lot of help from an impressive cast of friends: Townshend, Moon, Lane, Cale, Winwood, Page, Thompson and er...Dr Strangely Strange. Mike duly rocks out, blowing away the cobwebs, sitars and ISB patchouli clouds. Intriguingly, his voice feels more suited to belting out these numbers than the slower acoustic fare essayed with the ISB - pitch and tone are less apt to wander. There's more than a touch of Caledonian Soul or Wavelength era Van Morrison about arrangements and delivery. All the material is strong with three very, very good standouts: Flowers of the Forest, Feast of Stephen and Beautiful Stranger. A good bunch of songs to hang out with for a while.

Oddi wrth y brawd


JKMAN said...

Great album - thanks!

Y Brawd said...

you're most welcome. enjoy.