August 19, 2010

Chants of India - Ravi Shankar, Produced by George Harrison

Turn off your mind and relax, calm in the knowledge that here be no Bhaktivedanta Manor mitherings, no dilettante Krishna capers. Instead you will find genuine depth and spirit, sensitively unfolded by a sympathetic and decidely ungrumpy George. Gorgeous drones handled with exquisite deftness.

Still wondering whether this is worth your while? Yes is the answer. For sure.

(Overactive imagination or do the first 50 seconds of the opening track show the famous scally wit at work? Y Brawd hears first an eastward-ho! Beatles cello 0:15, then at around 0:44 a Mr Blue Sky moment reclaimed from arch Fab Four plunderer and George oppo Jeff Lynne. Or it could just be too much chilli for supper tonight?)   

Oddi wrth y brawd
dark horse 

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