January 06, 2011

Chops - Euros Childs [2006]

Euros's first post-GZM full-length release and a little cracker it is. No new departures thematically - turning of the seasons, growing up in rural Wales, love found and lost - nor musically - skew-whiff pop, gorgeous harmonies, quirky psych flourishes, lo-fi folky diversions.

A shame that only three of the songs are in Welsh as these are the strongest tracks, not least because Euros lets his hair down and lets rip. 

If squelchy pastoral pop's your thing  - and why the heck not - then tuck in.

Oddi wrth y brawd
dawnsio dros y mor



Carl Morris said...

Mae'r cerddorion yn gynnwys aelodau o Racehorses.

Y Brawd said...

Diolch am y wybodaeth Carl.