January 18, 2011

Pixieled - Sproatly Smith [2010]

Wood, leaf, flower, stream, meadow and cove. Nature drenched psych-folk. Unafeared to make unobtrusive use of electronics and judicious vocal samples (thankfully, no lazy Wicker Man-isms here). Water running, bucolic narrative, bowl chimes, tinkling glass and an entrancing version of Clive Palmer's A Leaf Must Fall. Lovely stuff.

Oddi wrth y brawd
flowers made of winter


Pagan Dad said...

This record is harmonizing with tonight's Poacher's Moon most nicely. And a cover of a Gwydion Pendderwen song, no less. Geddorn! Pixieled indeed.

Anonymous said...

a really beautiful album... thanks alot!

vishangro said...

Diolch bro.
Been sort of looking for the band and for the cover of 'A Leaf Must Fall'.
I am not sure but Mary Hopkin may have recorded it way back in the early 1970's.

Y Brawd said...

your most welcome. heard ?

vishangro said...

Try this, the vocals are much than on the the album.

At least you see who Sproatly Smith are.

I gather that Clive Palmer has an album out but it may be a compilation.

Y Brawd said...