January 20, 2011

We Went Riding - Richard James [2010]

Shades of J. Cope and R. Hitchcock at  melodic best from Cardiff's own Richard James. Aided and abetted by ex-Gorky bandmate Euros Childs plus cambrian chanteuse Cate Le Bon.

Sheer class.


Oddi wrth y brawd
Take me home


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Starts off brightly enough but on first couple of listens courtesy of Spotify it strikes me there's a bit of a tailing off after half way. I see old bandmate Euros (the only musican named after a currency other than the Fran(k)c - no make that two, I was forgetting Dollar Brand, who changed his name to...and that's your quiz question of the night) Childs* has a new one our with that guy from Teenage Fanclub. Not heard that one yet.

* Oh and Sterling Morrison. On second thoughts forget it.

David Elliott said...

I thought for a minute you meant Aphex Twin.

Y Brawd said...

what's Cinese for Doh!?