January 19, 2011

Sapphie - Richard Youngs [1998]

Three long pieces intimately for nylon-stringed guitar and voice. One man's fertile repetition; another woman's goes on a bit. Youngs abandons avant garde impulse to the extent that plaintive vocals conjure up semi-namesake Neil Young in extended eco-lament mode.   Floats on and on over hypnotic arpeggios contemplating memory, nostalgia and loss. Songs unfold, stretch and breath in the silences. Beautiful and, given the chance, quietly obsessive.

Oddi wrth y brawd
a fullness of light in your soul


WOO DOPS said...

This is good for my fragile brain at the moment. Recommend the album Advent by him if not heard....Not got it to hand unfort...Thanks for sharing!

il angelo said...

God, this is achingly beautiful. Thanks, deeply touched by it

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