January 23, 2011

The Khalsa String Band - The Khalsa String Band [1973]

Post-60s, post-acid, the Khalsa people, like the Quintessence crew in UK, get high on full blown love affair with God. Sikhism is the KSB alternative spirituality of choice but happily - hippily? - take a broad brush to paint their rainbow:

It doesn't really matter to what religion you belong,
How short your hair is or even how long
We all come from one Creator.
It doesn't really matter how you call His name,

Allah, Jehovah, Sar Nam, it's all the same.
                                                                      - One Creator

Nice dream. Nice music too. All the better for sticking to guitar, bass, drums, flute and piano rather than essay some tabla sitar-psych freakout. Vinyl rip flutter adds to the period charm. So, put aside cynicism and be upstanding for righteousness, sunshine and play.

1. One Creator
2. Child's Play
3. You Can Make the Sun Shine
4. All for One
5. Stand for Righteousness
6. America
7. Harvest Time
8. Song of Bliss
9. Oh Guru Ram Das

Oddi wrth y brawd
drama gurus oh


Pagan Dad said...

This record has put a huge smile on my face this Sunday morning! There's some more info about it over on Time Has Told Me

Jizzrelics said...

thank you for this! and for all the other nuggets of course ;)

just added to my blog rollz over at

Y Brawd said...

thanks both. will check out yr blog JRs.

gggggggggg said...

I just discovered this band by accident on youtube. I am now absolutely enamoured with track #3, I've been listening to it on repeat every morning. Just googled them up and discovered this blog, so I am doubly happy :)

Y Brawd said...

You, yes you, can make the sun shine.

Griech said...

Could you please re-up. Can't find the album anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

Just like Griech, I've been looking all over for this - a re-up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Same here, been searching for this for days! You can make the sun shine!