January 15, 2011

New Orleans Funk Volumes 1 & 2 - Various

Grooving soul, funk, r'n'b gumbo. Pumping horns, swing skanking guitar and above all some incredible breaks and beats: check James Black's patented falling down the stairs but keeping shit together breaks on Hook and Sling.  Mind-blowingly good music. Do yourself a favour.

oddi wrth y brawd


j said...

i had no idea there was a second volume to this. The first edition is about the best funk disc imaginable. I had the good fortune to live in New Orleans, for a time, and this beat got into my blood, making me even madder than i was to begin with. Thanks as always.

Y Brawd said...

hey J. Thanks back. Why's heaven been so quiet lately?

WOO DOPS said...

Thanks for this, I haven't heard the 2nd vol 1 either

DefChef said...

Just surfed in here on a suggestion from another site....and glad I did!

Anonymous said...

Fab, bues efo Eddie Bo yn ei glwb Check Yo Bucket am noson hynod o ddifir mis cyn i katrina chwalu'r lle
RIP Eddie

Mab Maentwrog gynt

Y Brawd said...


RIP indeed.