January 11, 2011

Durch Die Wüste - Hans Joachim Roedelius [1978]

First and arguably finest Roedelius solo album. Put together over a two-year period at Cologne studio of redoubtable Conny Plank, Durch Die Wüste is a fresh-sounding masterclass in ambient kosmische experimentalism with nary a dull moment. Opener Am Rockzipfel is alarmingly rockist at first in its gnarled, phased guitar solos and funk-spelunking basslines but there gradually emerge all manner of peculiar sonic interludes, presaging a 14 minute analogue voyage into bewitching tape details and fizzing modulatory experiments of title track that follows. Highlights keep on coming: blissful, poly-instrumental arpeggios of Glaubersalz; Mr Livingstone's pentatonic pitchwheel antics carve out Chinese-inspired harmonies while freeform percussion clatters through vintage echo reels; Regenmacher thrives on easterly beat developments against electronically morphed recordings wrapped up warmly in the wind and rain.

Somewhere in the background too trace evidence of the mind of contemporary mucker Eno at work.

A highwater mark of German electronic music and not to be missed.

Oddi wrth y brawd
dive in


David Elliott said...

Couldn't agree more, although Jardin au Fou runs it a close second. Both fabulous.

* * e d o * * said...

nice one thanks!