January 11, 2012

The American Dreamer OST - Various [1971]

01 Gene Clark: American Dreamer
02 Hello People: Pass Me By
03 John Manning: Whole Song
04 Gene Clark: Outlaw Song
05 Chris Sikelianos: Easy Rider, 1970
06 John Buck Wilkin: The Screaming Metaphysical Blues
07 John Manning: Hard Road To New Mexico
08 John Buck Wilkin: Look At Me, Mama
09 John Buck Wilkin: Sun, Moon, And Stars
10 Abbey Road Singers: Other Side Of This Life

During post-production for The Last Movie, Hopper wanders the desert around his Taos, New Mexico home, wasted n waxing philosophical. Acoustic soundtrack a shining nugget in the rough. Yippiee!

Oddi wrth y brawd
Or don't cowboys have fantasies?

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