January 21, 2012

Eight-Hand Sets and Holy Steps - Various [1978]

Top drawer proto-country blues, string band and sacred music, sampling North Carolina Afro-American tradition mid 1800s - early 1900s. Dance tunes n ballads played on guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica (and bones...). Spirituals by congregation, singing group, n individual to guitar / harmonica accompaniment. Recorded in 70s by NC musicians steeped in tradition. Sparkling lodestar mainline to authentic US heritage. Don't you dare miss it.

01 Wildwood Blues Speak - James "Guitar Slim" Stephens (vocal)
02 Corinna - Elizabeth "Babe" Reid (banjo), and James Borders (bones)
03 Georgia Buck - Joe and Odell Thompson (fiddle and banjo)
04 Breakaway - Roosevelt May (vocal and harmonica)
05 John Henry - Cora Phillips and Elizabeth "Babe" Reid (guitar and banjo)
06 Going Downtown - Joe and Odell Thompson (fiddle and banjo)
07 Buckdance - Algia Mae Hinton (guitar)
08 Chicken - Percy Lassiter (vocal and guitar)
09 Out on the Farm - Elester Anderson
(vocal and guitar) 
10 Honeybabe - Algia Mae Hinton
(vocal and guitar) 
11 Boll Weevil - Percy Lassiter
(vocal and guitar) 
12 Chicken, Lord, Lord - Algia Mae Hinton
(vocal and guitar) 
13 When You See Me Praying - Second St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
14 Lord, What Shall I Do - Thomas Burt, vocal and guitar
15 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Roosevelt May, vocal and harmonica
16 Your Close Friend - James "Guitar Slim" Stephens
(vocal and guitar) 
17 Death is Coming Back After You - Rev. Rassie Moore
(vocal and guitar) 
18 Satan, We're Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down - Second St. Paul Junior Choir
19 Sweet Home - Algia Mae Hinton (vocal and guitar)
20 Traveling Shoes - The Badgett Sisters

21 Joshua - The Gospel Jubilators

Oddi wrth y brawd
going downtown


Holly said...

This *is* a great lp - you might want to clarify that it is a record of (at the time, 1970s) living NC musicians!

In the early 90s I was fortunate enough to see Algia Mae Hinton on several occasions, an amazing woman. :-)

Y Brawd said...

Ta Holly.....n duly clarified.