January 17, 2012

Solaris - Eduard Artemiev [1972]

Disquieting, meditative electroacoustic musique concrète for the masses.

(Composed on Russian ANS synthesiser folks)

01 Part I, Bach 
02 Part II 
03 Part III 
04 Part IV 
05 Part V 
06 Part VI 
07 Part VII 
08. Part VIII, Bach (Remix #1) 
09 Part IX 
10 Part X 
11 Part XI 
12 Part XII, Bach (Remix #2) 
13 Part XIII 
14 Part XIV 
15 Part XV 
16 Part XVI, Bach (Remix #3) 
17 Part XVII, Bach 2 

Oddi wrth y brawd
space is the place


kingpossum said...

If this dude's name is Artemiev how come Tarkovsky is listed on the cover?

lizard johnny jewel said...

Google sez Tark is the director of the movie, Art is the composer of the soundtrack.