January 05, 2012

Krautrocksampler - Julian Cope [1995]

Essential ur-text concerning die Grosse Kosmische Musik.

"When I wrote the book, the main reason for doing so was to stop it getting mixed up with all that prog-rock crap that experimental fans love, and to introduce the word 'Krautrock' in a positive, pouting glamrock way. So many journalists pussyfooted around the term and called others xenophobic for using it, which was the main stumbling block in the way of its advancement. And Alan and Steve Freeman at Ultima Thule told me they'd been working on their tome [The Crack in the Cosmic Egg] for years but were spurred on to complete it purely because they knew I was getting mine out first. I don't feel like really updating the book much - it's a period piece written at a time when no fucker was interested and now all these neo-Krautheads are at me saying it's out of date. Fuck them!"
 - Lord Yatesbury

Oddi wrth y brawd
teil eins
teil zwei


milton. said...

thanks for this. i can't afford a 300 dollar out of print copy. i've been looking for this for years.

scott said...


David Elliott said...

Is this your first non-audio post methinks? And is it really going for 300 bucks these days? Great book of course, written in his inimitable OTT style. Doesn't need updating. Leave it be.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reupload of this one? The links no longer work. Thanks!!

Blogger said...

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