January 25, 2012

The Peel Sessions 1987-1993 - Datblygu [2008]

As the late Laird of Peel Acres would have it: "[Datblygu are] the best incentive anyone could have for learning Welsh”.

Uchafbwynt bob dydd o'r wythnos oedd tiwnio i mewn i raglen John Peel ar radio un wrth wneud fy ngwaith cartref. Rwy'n cofio gorwedd ar fy ngwely unig un noson pan chwaraeodd John Peel gang o ferched yn canu, "whisky makes me frisky, gin makes me sin, brandy makes me randy and rum makes me come". Rown i'n ysu am gyfarfod a'r math yna o ferched yn hytrach nag eistedd mewn dosbarthiadau boring yn yr ysgol. A dyna reswm arall pam y ffurfiais i Datblygu. Down i ddim eisiau gwneud lot o arian - yr uchelgais oedd art, rhyw, drygs ac alcohol.
 - David R. Edwards

We sang in Welsh with all the US/English influences because it had to be done. I didn't like the fact that Welsh music was seen to be male voice choirs, folk music and all the clichés. I suppose that I wanted to modernise Welsh language culture. Welsh is a language with unlimited potential but I didn't appreciate a lot that was being manifested in it. I tried to change things. Hundreds of people saw the point so I'm glad I bothered.
 – more David R Edwards


Oddi wrth y brawd


Holly said...

I don't understand a word of Welsh, but I love this band. Thank you.

BTW, what does 'oddi wrth y brawd' mean? I've always assumed "away with ye now", or something to that effect. I would also pronounce it as "oddy worth ee broad", both of which I suspect have you in fits of laughter.
You're welcome! :-)

One would think reading Lloyd Alexander's cauldron series over & over would count for something..

Y Brawd said...

"(oddi wrth)From (y brawd)the brother"

Oddi wrth + name: typically used to end a written message.

Best not dwell on the phonological aspects....

devotionalhooligan said...

cheers for this one mate :)) xx

Y Brawd said...