January 24, 2012

The Music of ITC - Various [2009]

Incorporated Television Company's finest. Beyond luxuriating dans la funk brass bossa jazzy suspense of it all, the genius herein be not one-off the wrist successive theme after another but immersive arrays, suites if you will, comprising title music, outros, specials, alternates, incidental music and cues. Amounting to 113 tracks across two CDS.

Why is Edwin Astley not a household name? Seriously, why?

1-6 Danger Man [half hour series] - Edwin Astley
7-13 Danger Man [hour series]
  - Edwin Astley 
14-15 Gideon's Way
 - Edwin Astley 
16-22 The Baron
 - Edwin Astley 
23-31 The Saint
 - Edwin Astley 
32-37 Man In A Suitcase - Ron Grainer, Albert Elms
38-44 The Prisoner - Ron Grainer, Albert Elms, Robert Farnon
45-53 The Champions - Tony Hatch, Edwin Astley, Albert Elms
54-61 Department S
 - Edwin Astley 

1-6 Randall & Hopkirk
 - Edwin Astley 
7-13 Strange Report - Roger Webb
14-17 The Persuaders - John Barry
18-25 Jason King - Laurie Johnstone
26-33 The Protectors - Mitch Murray & Peter Callander, John Cameron
34-36 The Adventurer - John Barry
37-44 The Zoo Gang - Paul McCartney & Wings, Ken Thorne
45-52 Return Of The Saint - Brian Dee, John Scott, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Oddi wrth y brawd
more than pete townshend's father-in-law
edwin, star


Anonymous said...

Looks to be one of the soundtracks to my growing up... thanks very much!

Mace Hane said...

Many, many thanks for these. I was a teenager back then and I suppose this is as close as I'm going to get to actually being able to go back and live 'there' again.
Be well.

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