January 01, 2012

Shut It! The Music of the Sweeney - Various [2001]

Thames TV go a cockney blaxploitation bundle.....the slags.

I sometimes hate this bastard place. 'Sa bloody holiday camp for thieves n weirdos. All the rubbish. You age prematurely trying 't sort somma them out. Try n protect the public n all they do is call you fascist. You nail a villain and some ponced up pin-striped 'Ampstead barrister screws it up like n old fag packet on a point of procedure. Then pops up for a game of squash n a glass of Madeira. He's taking 'ome thirty grand a year and we can just about afford ten days in Eastbourne n a second hand car.'s all bloody wrong my son!
- Gospel according to DI Jack Regan

Oddi wrth y brawd
fancy a drink?


roy rocket said...

My cover art's better

Y Brawd said...

bang to rights guv. forgot where this one came from....though the Regan quote stuck. (beg to differ re. cover art mind).

Check out for all this and more folks.

roy rocket said...

It's all up for grabs, innit.
Classic Sweeney:

There. You got it. roy

Y Brawd said...

choice. "benny" as blagger...who'd have thunk...

currently DLing complete 3 series plus the two films. bastard slow - 35% after 3 days - but it's gonna be worth it.

roy rocket said...

And Johnny Allen driving!

One of the cool things about the show now is spotting all those old character actors of the time: Diana Dors, Alfred Marks, Morecambe & Wise [!], and a million more; as well as all those Boreham Wood/Elstree street scenes juxtaposed with inner city squaller inhabited by diddi driving totters and cockney geezers in Commer vans, shit, sorry just can't help meself: O, Knees up muver's bran, knees up muver's bran... ad infinitum.

Best series the third, probably the most brutal; worth waiting for 'Cookie' alone.
The films are missable; but better than the George & Mildred movie. Pob lwc, roy

meltedrubbersoul said...

Why can't our recession be all fun like theirs was? Oh wells, thanx for the muzak, as usual.