May 31, 2010

The Byrds Play Dylan - The Byrds

Let’s face it. Apart from a career-defining Eight Miles High, The Byrds were at their best doing Dylan. Making this a pretty essential collection all in all.

Oddi wrth y brawd
lay down your weary tune


Welsh Connexion said...

The Byrds version of Tambourine Man was a fascination for Dylan in that it opened up previously unconsidered possibilities of other people covering his material. It also saw the beginning of an extended period of Dylan re-interpretations which got somewhat out of hand, The Byrds becoming somewhat type cast in this respect.

Weird Brother has it that this period saw them 'at their best.' Dunno about that. How about their post-acid embracing of country after the departure of the wayward Crosby? Check out 'Sweetheart of the Rodeo' for their finest hour - preferably the remastered version with the reinstated Gram Parsons vocals

If anyone's interested McGuinn makes available a multitude of his own interpretations of public domain songs for free MP3 download on his Folk Den site. Some sorting out of wheat from chaff required but lots of good stuff amongst it -his genorosity extends not only to providing ann interesting commentary in respect of the songs but also to the provision of lyrics and chords should you fancy a strum.

So. You want to be a rock & roll star?

Y Brawd said...

I knew I'd get at least one SOTR comment. I say, if you like some country in your rock then go straight to Gram or Flying Burrito Bros. McGuinn never made a convincing cowboy.

Thanks for the Folk Den tip. Will check out.

rintesh said...

Thanks, friend!