May 18, 2010

The Eighteenth Day of May - The Eighteenth Day of May

Couldn’t resist. TEDOM played a free concert in the Barbican lobby as part of 2006 Folk Britannia event. An ale drinking gentleman of a certain age, stood near y brawd, turned gawping to his mate: “Teenagers playing Fairport!” It wasn’t entirely clear whether he meant that as a good thing.

No coincidence that they took their name from Murder of Maria Marten on Shirley Collins and the Albion Band’s magnificent No Roses. On the verge of making it, the crew were fatally scuppered by an inability to bring anything new to the folk rock nostalgia party. See Trembling Bells for exactly how this is done.

Oddi wrth y brawd


David Elliott said...

How very timely. What a folky phase we're going through...

Y Brawd said...

About run it's course for the moment. Wait see what tomorrow brings