May 19, 2010

Maher On Water - Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Not a heavy proposition at the best of times, this short collection of frazzled melodies burbles along some pleasant metaphoric waterways, before drfiting out of sight and, pretty much, out of mind. Main man, Tori Kudo's "naive" modus operandi is to gather together a group of like-minded enthusiasts with little more than a passing acquaintance with their instruments and... see what happens. His ear for a good tune saves the whole enterprise from sinking. Think the "discipline" of the Portsmouth Sinfonia married to the pop sensibilities of Belle and Sebastian.

Oddi wrth y brawd
make haste to plunder


David Elliott said...

The of PS? Shurely shum mishtake?!

David Elliott said...

That meant to say 'discipline' (in italics) but didn't.

Y Brawd said...

irony alert. inverted commas added by way of appeasement.