May 09, 2010

Les Rallizes Denudés / 裸のラリーズ [Hadaka No Rariizu]

The Takeshi Mizutani formula:

1. Never play in a studio.
2. Play only with musicians for whom even the slightest deviation from the riff will most certainly be calamitous.
3. Never release records (never ever).
4. Persist for three decades until the outside world catches on.

The music of Les Rallizes Denudés demands total attention, and without that attention this band is nothing. Put their records on as background music and they fail utterly. But play…in the darkness of your lonely room, and you will experience yourself being sucked up into the ether with ne’er a stain left as evidence of your former presence here.


Has a one-way trip into the Heart of Darkness ever been made on a more handsome jalopy? …relentless to the point of becoming meditative, and cylindrical to the point of being useful…I wanna be that bass player and stand in that wind tunnel, anchoring that level of rage.

life on mars 1
life on mars 2

…stand downwind of that auto-panned guitar maelstrom that [Mizutani] so effortlessly unleashes.

Oddi wrth y brawd

Text lifted from the essential Japrocksampler.


Other Heavy Rocks said...

Wait, what? Am I the only one who can't find any password...? Grateful if somebody could let me in on the secret, thanks.

Y Brawd said...

some early posts - mebbe this one too - require pw: weirdbrother


Other Heavy Rocks said...

Ah, obviously.. Thanks a bunch!