May 28, 2010

Coeur De Verre / Herz Aus Glass [Heart of Glass] – Popol Vuh

Werner Herzog on Florian Fricke:

…he was a highly complex being, intricately spun and vulnerable, like a spider’s web. In reality he was a poet first and a musician second, a composer. His feel for the “inner” narrative of cinematic story was infallible, and his music had the ability to change our perspective as onlookers, even though a picture always remains the same projection of light in the cinema. He made visible what would have remained mysterious and forever hidden in the images. What is more, he had a talent for composing music that created whole new spaces, in concrete terms: landscapes that gain an unknown dimension which would not be accessible otherwise.
Florian Fricke on Popol Vuh:
I always find new styles, different forms of playing, that I am incorporating into the music of Popol Vuh. But the essence of my music remains the same. The forms are changing but the essence remains the same. I want to tell you one thing about this: the essence of Popol Vuh is a mass for the heart. It is music for love. That is all.

Oddi wrth y brawd
Singet den der gesang vertreibt die wolfe


David Elliott said...

Not the most riveting of Herzog's oeuvre, but one of the best soundtracks - the first I bought I think. Even now it gives me goosepimples.

Y Brawd said...

Can't beat those clanging sounds.