May 08, 2010

Sphynx - Nik Turner

Hawkwind dros Caerdydd 2010.

This post prompted by a Hawkwind live report from weird brother's own Welsh connection:

“Had a night out with xxx recently - good to see him - we went to see what the St David’s Hall spring programme described as a performance by the 'well-known English space rock band' - I'm happy to report that, against all odds, Brock and crew are still able to launch a large scale sonic attack - given that he's approaching 70 it may well be that this period will be looked back upon as having been something of a last hurrah - whatever - they're certainly on a roll and a sustained one at that given that the Xmas show that we saw was also top drawer - the dreaded announcement of 'new songs' initially elicited a hankering for the bar - however this ex-Aquarian was surprised to find them amongst the best stuff played all night - who'd have thought eh?

The obligatory lone hall manager did his best to maintain the no-fun sterility upon which the St David’s Hall seems to pride itself - shining torches in the faces of idiot dancers as soon as they popped up and steering them arm around shoulders back to their seats (fire regulations don't you know) - this for a time seemed sufficient to dissuade all but the most extrovert from tripping the light (show) fantastic - however past experience indicated that it would become an increasingly vain exercise - sure enough, a frustrated space cadet eventually took to the stage itself and berated the audience for its inertia - jobsworth with torch was then engulfed by a tide of men of a certain age, finally all intent upon frugging wildly - nature always find a way.”

Irresistible. And so to a strong 1993 outing from Nik Turner - and fellow travellers in time and space - building cosmic grooves around the Egyptian Book of the Dead. A 20mins bonus track of Nik with flute in the heart of the Great Pyramid at Giza - at dead of night - is a welcome addition, if a very different vibe that properly belongs on another album.

Oddi wrth y brawd


Heir Apparent said...

The Hawkwind review is a real tour de force - will your 'welsh connection' be providing any further bulletins from the Land of Song?

Y Brawd said...

Let's hope so. Your appreciation should spur him on.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Wales.
Great blog.

Problems with Nik Turner 'Sphinx' file not extracting properly - problem seems to be with the last track ie track 11 the rar extractor says that the password is wrong. Have you mispelled the password for this track?

I dont live far from Nik - he is lovely bloke.


Y Brawd said...

I'll re-up next week when I'm back from travels. Without PW.

Yes, he's a very genial guy. Saynhowdy for me.

Y Brawd said...

Now re-upped without password - enjoy

Anonymous said...

Diolch for the complete DL.

Anonymous said...

Good blog, you have a lot of the same tastes in music as myself(eclectic) and seem to have a lot of albums on here that I already possess.
Nice to find some albums and artists that I've never come across though, so as your tastes are so similar I will give them a good listen, cheers:)
Is the Sphynx Album a retitled 'Xitintoday'?
I'll down it anyway and give it a spin, cheers.

Y Brawd said...

same same but different. if you have a link to xitintoday, much obliged.

Anonymous said...

Yes this is the same album...
You can find it here with some other rarities and covers, enjoy :)

Bill said...

I didn't know he had re-recorded Xitintoday and released it as 'Sphynx'in 1993.
However as requested here is the download link for the original 'Xitintoday' 1978(remaster) with cover art, zip file includes the album in both flac and mp3, enjoy.

Y Brawd said...

Thanks Bill. Thanks one and all.