July 11, 2010

Datblygu 1985 - 1995 - Datblygu

A word from Gruff Rhys, SFA, Esq:

Beginning with the aching pop standard “Y Teimlad” this collection gives us a glimpse of a band capable of anything. It seems to me that Datblygu are one of those bands whom standing upon their seedy pulpit hold up a mirror to the society they live in. A lazy comparison would be someone like Serge Ginsbourg [sic]. But that slimeball had 50 million heads to fill his mirror and bank account. David “the last communist in Europe (too skint to go to Cuba)” R. Edwards on the other hand communicates here to half a million Welsh speakers fucked on Thatcherism. This ever poignant work comes as a sonic and moral warning to a complacent generation of white hicks on coke looking for a welcome break on the third (motor) way to oblivion.
Well, the warning clearly went unheeded by the third way-ers, and we now have Lord Snooty and pals at the controls. (Oh, and a lazier comparison would be the Welsh Fall).

Gair gan Gruff Rhys, SFA, Esq:

Sylweddolodd David R. Edwards yn gynnar iawn ei fod yn fastard bach clyfar. Yn ffodus penderfynnodd rannu ei feddylfryd a pawb ohonom sy’n ceisio dadansoddi yster ein bodolaeth bler a’r hyn yr ydym yn ceisio cyflawni cyn mynd I’r bedd.
Her amhosibl yn gwneud cyfiawnder a Datblygu ar bapur. Felly lluchwch eich papurau newydd ach baneri i’r tan! Carwch eich cyd ddyn a dalier sylw i’r Sion Corn gwas pwmp petrol, gyrrwr tacsi ac athro oddi-mewn.
Check vid for proof of the flame and mordant wit in the Edwards’ belly and soul.

Oddi wrth y brawd
God bless the pedantic Welsh


Holst said...

You had me at "the Welsh Fall," but howsabout some rudimentary Welsh pronunciation tips for the uncultured of us so that we might sing the praises of this band to our friends and loved ones? Otherwise it's all just "you really should check out the Welsh Fall."

This entire blog, while I'm at it, is a work of greatness. Thank you for it, sincerely.

Y Brawd said...


Well, anything to save you from the welsh fall:
dat as in "dat" (!)
bly as in "bluh"
gu as in "ghee" (hard g sound)

3 syllables, stress on second syllable:

have fun...