July 12, 2010

Long Distance Trip - Samsara Blues Experiment

Guest post by Welsh Connexion:
Samsara Blues Experiment are a Berlin based band. As you may infer from their name, SBE combine three essential ingredients in their musical home-tabbing machine: 1 dropper of raga, 2 of experimental freakout, both shaken and bonded with a blues fixing agent. Heady stuff. Retro-style heavy psych stoner jamming. More than a passing nod to the grand krautriffing tradition but with a pleasing postmodern twist. If you like Wooden Shjips, this will float your boat.
Y brawd adds:
As WC implies, these guys can't decide if they're pre-Animals Floyd, turn of the 70s Sabbath or Maggot Brained Funkadelic. They do have some fun trying to make up their minds, mind.
From the Welsh Connexion
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Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

WC was kind enough to "turn me on" to this when we last met. It certainly has its moment - some inspired uber-riffing and the obligatory behemoth 20 minute show closer to name but two - but it does suffer in places from a lack of direction (possibly because of what both the poster and the hoster have already hinted at as a Heinz 57 approach to parading their influences). File under "Close, can't quite remember where we put the cigar, but we'll take the big fat spliff in any case".