July 27, 2010

Where You Go I Go Too - Lindstrøm

Norway's Hans-Peter Lindstrøm has been referred to, somewhat preposterously, as "the king of neo-future-retro-disco". The 29 min title track points the way. Opening with Tangerine Dream cosmic ambience, morphing into a slow building motorik Banco De Gaia groove, before -  hey presto!  - we're blind-sided by Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds synth flourishes. From there we settle into a long satisfying series of polyrhythmic patterns and melodic riffs.

The other two tracks, though shorter in length, share the template: growing layers of kaleidoscoping instrumental textures fleshed out with a retro palette taking in balearic, soundtrack synth pop, new age, electro-cheese, lounge pop, all worked up into an eccentric disco lather. Not half as barmy as that might sound and highly palatable.

Oddi wrth y brawd

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