July 16, 2010

Sowiesoso - Cluster

Oveshadowed by the earlier Zuckerzeit's chocolatey toy box melodies, and perennially muscled out of the limelight by Kraftwerk and the more recently name droppable Neu! (Oasis doing Neu! covers....I ask you...), Messrs. Moebius & Roedelius continued to plough a fertile kosmische furrow with Sowiesoso (1976). While maintaining a poppy edge, the power of this album lies in the more ambient pieces. The technology and simplistic drum programming make for a curious mixture of ancient yet fresh sounding (very) old school electronica. 

Oddi wrth y brawd


Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Ah, yes, good one Das Bruder. Is this the same Cluster due to play the "In Between Days" ATP festival in December also starring Wooden Shjips, Cave, White Hills and Michael Rother and friends play Neu? It's shaping up to be the festival of the year and yet there are only 4 berth apartments on offer as it is sandwiched between their two main festies that month. So that's me, Brawd, WC and ?

Y Brawd said...

a krautrocking weekend...curiouser and curiouser. I'll check dates.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

Except that Cluster aren't yet confirmed for that one but are for the Godspeed curated "Nughtmare Before Christmas" which actually does look veru scary indeed (The Dead Cs, Wolves In The Throne Room etc. Maybe the Rother connection will prevail though.

Y Brawd said...

Godspeed You BE - now there's a band. Y brawd feels a post coming on.

David Elliott said...

Their finest (half) hour. Pastoral & beautiful but with an edge.

Y Brawd said...

Hi David,

You really should check out the Skelton and Niblock posts. Id've thought they'd be right up your left-field.

How are things? You in BJ now?

PS your old desk is sooo much better than my old one.