July 26, 2010

Focus Level - Endless Boogie

Curiously, the main man's barnet captures the spirit of this outfit: half pudding bowl turn of 70s Iggy, half highwater period Francis Rossi. The music press having fallen in love with the word choogle, y brawd was expecting a stoner jam around CCR  / Canned Heat type tropes. A pleasant surprise then to hear a wah wah'd and fuzzed mash up of Stooges & Quo with occasional gnarly Beefheartian "vocals".  All good, clean fun and surely the soundtrack to many a backyard smoking session this summer. New album, Full House Head, supposed to be even better- with added endlessnessness.

Oddi wrth y brawd



BIG STANKY said...

big thanks !!!!!!

Y Brawd said...

You're welcome. Enjoy and stick around for more.