July 21, 2010

la Dusseldorf - la Dusseldorf

Applying a punk-inspired less is more drive to Neu!'s minimalist pop-meets-German experimentalism, La Dusseldorf rose to the heights of Europe's progressive rock scene of the late 70s.

Recorded in 1975, La Düsseldorf's self-titled debut effects something of a compromise between complementary Neu! aesthetics: Rother’s melodic atmospherics contrasted with Dinger's anarchic, noisier inclinations.

The opening track provides the template: built on driving beats and fleshed out with expansive synth colouring, the 13-minute "Düsseldorf" is a grand, pop-friendly homage to Dinger's hometown. Although its repetitive glide recalls Neu!'s signature motorik gruuve, there's something more playful and joyous about Dinger's approach here, especially at the moments when the vocals venture briefly into mock operatics and a glammy piano hammers away.

Oh, and lest y brawd forgets…


There were three great beats in the '70s: Fela Kuti's Afrobeat, James Brown's funk and Klaus Dinger's NEU!-beat.
Oddi wrth y brawd
ding dang dong


Welsh Connexion said...

Klaus Dinger. Wasn't he a 70s German porn star? Or was it possibly Fritz Donger? If memory serves he debuted to great acclaim in the groundbreaking 'Ach Tongue Baby' but soon found himself slogging away in third rate rubbish like 'Toot on it Teutonics.' Anyway ...

Y Brawd said...

Don't get me started on the art of naming porn movies after well-known Hollywood classics (e.g. Shaving Ryan's Privates).

Anyway, listen to the album Mr WC.

Pastaman Vibration (ye-ah!) said...

And who was the Teutonic Plater when she was at home?

David Elliott said...

Was it Chris Bohn/Biba Kopf who came up with that Motorik term? All well and (very) good, but don't forget the sublime piano on 'Zeit'. And on the next album's 'Cha Cha 2000'.