July 29, 2010

Touch Works For Hurdy Gurdy And Voice - Phill Niblock

In y brawd's humble opinion, US minimalist composer Phill Niblock is the master of the lately cluttered field of drone-based minimalist music. Nobody does microtonal better: multiple tones sounding simultaneously for long stretches, creating a very dense, seemingly static sound which is duplicated, pitch shifted, brought closer then taken apart........very slowly.

Hurdy gurdy samples on opening piece courtesy of Jim O'Rourke. The next two voice based tracks feature treated throat singing by Thomas Buckner. These take on Mongolian or Tibetan meditative chant qualities. 

Allow the macroscopic wash to immerse you or accept the invitation to dive into microscopic detail. Either way, you'll be transported.

Oddi wrth y brawd
gazing with tranquility


* * e d o * * said...

this looks amazing! i've been a fan of Niblock and Buckner for some years now. cheers!

Y Brawd said...