July 15, 2010

The Madcap Laughs Again - Various, Mojo Presents March 2010

Terrapin -  Field Music get things off to a flying start
No Good trying - J Mascis has been at the vaseline and mandrax again
Love You - The Besnard Lakes go all aquatic
No Man's Land - Race Horses speed by
Dark Globe - Michael Stipe is a whiney get
Here I Go - Hush Arbors miss the point
Octopus - Captain Sensible is a fan of Peachmooi
Golden Hair - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions creep me out, nicely
Long Gone - Hawkwind play it safe
She Took a Long Cold Look - Skygreen Leopards come up trumps with best of breed
Feel - Cate Le Bon does Nico
If It's In You - Jennifer Gentle may be influenced by Syd
Late Night - Marc Almond is a true star (with Nijinsky's heart)
Dark Globe - Robyn Hitchcock does Bob Dylan

Oddi wrth y brawd
hello James


The Mighty Louche said...

Nice one. Cheers!

Y Brawd said...

Youre welcome. Keep on dropping byu.

Unknown said...

its the warm INVENTIONS , w hope sandoval, not the warm INTENTIONS