October 25, 2010

Click et Craque - Monsieur Mo Rio

Alongside Monsieur Mo Rio, Stereolab are glue-sniffing thugs and Belle and Sebastien are tooled-up psychopaths. Yes, it's bonjour soleil as you enter the charming, skewiff  world of MMR. Not to say there's a lack of experimental edge: MMR is after all a member of the Schwaben German collective Metabolismus

Click et Craque is a collection of tracks from mid 90s cassettes. A penchant emerges for taking a base popular tune - e.g. Good Day Sunshine; Les Sucettes; Sing a Song (!)  -  and defamiliarising and defracting it through a twisted electro-pop lens.

A delight. Just know what you're getting yourself into.

Oddi wrth y brawd
tip top

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